8 Reasons why Mario Kart 8 was Worth the Wait

Shortly the latest installment of the Mario Kart franchise will be power sliding onto Wii Us worldwide here are eight reasons about what makes this new Mario Kart game stand tall from the rest.


1. Gorgeous HD visuals – When you don’t think Mario could look much better, it blows you away with bright colours and crisp visuals, making even instalments like Mario Kart 7 seem bland in comparison. Just wait until you see they magic worked with the retro tracks. Simply fantastic. Not to mention the music will make your ears melt.

2. Anti-Gravity– Using Anti-Gravity, Nintendo have pushed for exciting track design that will leave you feeling like a child with the amount of fun it is whether it be scaling a waterfall or surfing a corkscrew you will never feel disorientated and always part of the action. This also allows for multi-route exploration during races. For the first time in Mario Kart, you are now encouraged to crash into your opponents for a turbo boost, adding a new layer of strategy to the core gameplay.

3. Drifting is Key – The emphasis on drifting has not been this critical since Mario Kart Double Dash!! Drifting is now essential for most of the difficulties for the longer you hold the drift, the longer the turbo will be when released.

4. Slow Motion – Mario Kart TV’s replay system allows player to review and revel at the beauty and epicness of your accomplishments or even better a milked out slow motion replay of you screwing over a friend with a well timed green shell.

5. Crisp 60fps – The game really pops from its fixed 60fps in single player and two player split screen multiplayer. Although the framerate dips to 30fps in three or four player local multiplayer, it hardly detracts from the fun.

6. Retro tracks – Never has a retro track felt this looked after, each track has been renovated with care making each track feel like it could have been a totally original design for Mario Kart 8. This includes incorporating new design and track elements such as the Anti-Gravity to enhance the classic stages. Stages such as the Nintendo 64 Toads Turnpike really embracing the new gameplay mechanics such as Anti-Gravity enabled you to scale the walls to avoid the traffic and the Gliding mechanic introduced in Mario Kart 7 making a return allowing players to launch off cars and soar above the chaos below. Not to mention the selection of tracks are fantastic, including classics like the Nintendo 64 Rainbow Road and the GameCube Sherbet Land.

7. Item and Kart Balancing – Mario Kart has finally undergone some much needed rebalencing. Bikes, although have returned for this iteration, can no longer do a wheelie for a turbo boost. Lakitu now rescues a fallen player at an accelerated rate allowing falls to not be race breaking for the fallen player, despite this you have to work hard to traverse the ranks and earn first place. A new design choice for item holding will change the way you play to a more offensive approach due to how even holding an item behind the kart it will still appear in your item wheel, thus preventing the collection of more than one item. The new Super Horn is a fantastic addition allowing the racer to destroy any item including the infamous Blue Shell. Another new item which has been added is the Coin, a relatively useless item which only adds to your pool of coins. Unfortunately this item is a common one in first place meaning that first place is left way more open to attack due to their vulnerable state.

8. The Mario Kart Wii U Bundle – Costing $329.99 or £199.99 this purchase is a no-brainer. Included with the bundle is the premium 32 G black Wii U and all required leads and tablet, a copy of Mario Kart 8, plus a Mario (or Luigi) themed Wii Motion Plus controller and Wii Wheel. If you register your copy of Mario Kart 8 before July you are entitled to one of 10 Wii U games as a free download, including The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD, Wonderful 101, Sonic Lost World, Monster Hunter and others.


And there you have it. Eight solid reasons  of why this game is one of the greatest Mario Karts to date and why it will be worth every penny of your Wii U purchase.

Author: Abbie Willett

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