Device enables Dual Shock 4 Compatibility with Wii U

Amazon Japan has recently listed an interesting new wire from Cyber Gadget allowing the Playstation’s controllers (Dual Shock 4 and3) to connected via wire to a regular Wii Remote, functioning as a Wii Classic Controller Pro. The device is compatible with both Wii U and Wii systems and allows for an interesting new control option, especially for those fans of Playstation controllers. The converter cable is currently only available from Amazon Japan, and it and will launch sometime in November costing 2,894 yen which in the UK would be about £16.




One final word of warning though, these devices – conversion cables – often add additional latency to a controller. Such is the case with many that functioned between the Playstation 3, and XBOX 360. As such, I would err on the side of caution and recommend you don’t splash out for a set of these without having tested one prior in order ensure it meets your needs.

Link to the cable is provided here.

Author: Abbie Willett

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