Rainbow Six Siege is my Game of the Year, but I couldn’t recommend it to anyone

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the best competitive multiplayer games I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Offering viceral gunfights throughout an intelligently structured multiplayer experience that rewards tact and teamwork. Winning matches and outsmarting opponents feels unbelievably satisfying, and the incredibly detailed map design coupled with a vast array of loadout options in the form of operators, grants the game near infinite replayability. Unfortunately, all of this is true around forty percent of the time. The rest of your time on Siege isn’t spent experiencing Siege’s remarkable gameplay, but instead, struggling with matchmaking and network glitches, hard crashes and other aspects of the game that are simply not working as intended.

Putting it mightly, it was easier to get into a game of Chu Chu Rocket with the fifty people playing on the Sega Dreamcast, than it is to find a game with the thousands on Siege.  The matchmaking can take in excess of fifteen minutes to find a game, and often results in endless loops of loading screens, forcing you to reboot the game, watch all of the splash screens again, and reconnect to Ubisoft’s crippled network infrastructure for round two.

Players regularly disconnect from games, matches frequently refuse to dish out their appropriate rewards, sometimes the system will hardcrash at the begging of a match, and that’s all before the game begins. While in-game issues are rarer, its common to get stuck in place, forcing you to go prone before you can move again, and occasionally you will teleport after being injured by an enemy. Exploits have also surfaced, where the defending team can leave the building they are assigned to defend and kill the attackers as soon as they spawn. While the troublesome matchmaking may not affect the gameplay, these issues are a deal breaker for the games competitive validity.

Mostly though, once your in a game, everything’s great. The game offers a uniquely tactical experience that just isn’t available anywhere else, and it’s everything I would want from a competitive Rainbow Six game. Unfortunately, getting into a match is easier said than done, and many of these issues have proved a problem or Siege since the games alpha period.

 Many of these issues were present, at least to a degree, since the games alpha period, and they only seem more troublesome as the server load increases with the games popularity. This is a shame, as it leaves me with little confidence in Ubisoft that these problems will be resolved in a timely manner. Siege could grow to be something special, as underneath all the problems is a truly fantastic first person shooter, but Ubisoft will need to address the games problems promptly in order to retain a healthy audience.

For my full opinion on Rainbow Six Siege, you can check out my review. In the meantime, we’ll be eagerly awaiting an update from Ubisoft.

Author: Jozef Kulik

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