Resogun Heroes DLC Review

Resogun has provided the Playstation 4 with phenomenal side-scrolling shoot-em-up action since the consoles launch. For those unfamiliar with the core game; you move across a revolving plane shooting enemy creatures that spawn, whilst snagging the humans and chucking them into the rescue pods wherever possible. All the while the surroundings and creatures you destroy collapse into their component parts, it looks spectacular and the gameplay is just plain addictive. The game has incredibly responsive controls and the satisfaction that comes from making enemies explode into a collection of tiny cubes makes for an experience that will keep you coming back for more.

However one thing the game has objectively lacked is any variety in its game modes. All that’s offered in the core experience is Arcade mode, which is enjoyable but can become quite stagnant for those after leader board high scores. If you’re dropping points on Stage 3 and 4, it becomes tedious and boring to constantly have to spend fifteen minutes replaying stages 1 and 2 before you can hit the stages you have more difficulty on. This is what Resogun Hero’s attempts to rectify by providing two modes, survival and demolition.

Survival is everything you’d expect from a survival mode, you’re tasked to survive for an endless amount of time, racking up score and a multiplier as you go. Its mechanically distinct from arcade mode because the focus is distinctively surviving, you can’t lose your multiplier by avoiding combat for a few seconds here, despite the name survival, it’s actually a lot less stressful and ultimately, enjoyable than Resogun’s core mode. It escalates in difficulty much faster too, making for a much  more repayable experience as you’re going to want to keep coming back for another go at beating your high score.


The second mode is demolition, this differs significantly to anything else featuring in Resogun. In this mode you have to use a shockwave ability to propel destructive orb across the screen, this works fairly well because of Resoguns nature, you can shoot a ball in one direction, and it will bounce around the level meet you on the other side. In order to succeed you need to bounce this ball back and forth, but there’s a catch; you can’t shoot anything. Enemies pursue you and you ultimately have very little control relative to other modes, all you can do is bounce these balls around.

In Demolition hitting powerups will make the balls travel further, or increase the number of balls projected across the field. It’s fun, and addictive, but starkly contrasts the nature of Resogun with relatively slow pacing at times. There’s also frequent occasion where it feels like you’re stuck, and have to die because there’s a wall of obstacles between you and the ball you need to bounce or you’re forced to wait for your shockwave to recharge itself. The mode itself is enjoyable, but feels almost miss-placed in Resogun as it’s very slow paced and strategic relative to the rest of the game.

These two modes both take place on a new level named Avernus. The core feature of this level is that it has a day-night cycle, Resogun is already a beautiful game and the variable lighting environments induced by a day-night cycle just bring that out even further. It also adds a good sense of the temporal flow, when you’ve passed from dawn to dusk of several cycles, you know you’ve done a damn good job surviving the voxel onslaught.


Ship Construction Pack

The Hero’s downloadable content pack also comes alongside a free downloadable pack for all owners of Resogun, the free downloadable pack named the ship-creator pack includes a creation utility that enables you to create your own ships alongside local co-op for the games arcade mode, and if you’re purchasing Resogun Hero’s, this option is also enabled for survival mode. Both of these features are great additions and contribute to the games lifespan, local co-operative play will have you and your friends coming back for more time and time again, and the ship creator enables you to play Resogun as practically anything you like. Want to play as a 16 bit sprite of Super Mario? you can do that, want to destroy your enemies with a Tie Fighter, or a mech from some obscure anime? you can do that. It’s a great addition and the community have already flexed a bounty of fantastic, creative ship designs.



  • Addictive Resogun action suitable to a shorter time frame
  • Not having to worry about your multiplier in Survival
  • Demolition is unique, and blasting your wrecking balls around the screen is fun
  • Avernus’ day-night cycle is visually stunning


  • Demolition doesn’t match the pacing of the rest of the game




Resogun Hero’s provides more of a fantastic formula, Resogun is a great game and Hero’s provides consumers with more of that, and at a great price. Survival mode is a very much welcomed addition providing a mode with a much needed focus on survival, rather than retaining a multiplier, and Demolition whilst suffering from slightly odd pacing relative to the rest of the game serves as an enjoyable detraction when you want something different. All of these modes are great, and provide a substancial body of content for fans of the the series to sink their teeth into. Resogun hero’s is the hero this game deserves.




Author: Jozef Kulik

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