September’s PS Plus line-up is far from terrible

Septembers Playstation Plus lineup is being herald as the worst that the service has seen. However it would seem that many of these complaints have been made without much awareness of the quality of the games it features. If we recall Sony previously stated that they would be trying to keep the Playstation Plus lineup to games exclusively to those that have scored above 80 on metacritic, and with this in mind the lineup does not disappoint, at least not on Playstation 4 or Vita.

The lineup for September is as follows

  • Velocity 2X(PS4 / Vita)
  • Sports Friends (PS4)
  • Hoard (PS3)
  • Playstation All Stars Battle Royale (PS3)
  • Joe Danger (Vita)
  • TxK (Vita)


For the most part these titles have been very well aclaimed. On the Playstation 4 we have Sports Friends and Velocity 2X, with the former title holding a 82 on metacritic it’s one of the most critically acclaimed titles available on the Playstation 4. Velocity 2X on the other hand is the sequel to acclaimed Vita title Velocity Ultra, which holds a score of 87 on metacritic.

The Playstation 3’s offerings are where things get a little weaker, with Hoard and Playstation All Stars. Although Hoard is considered a good game, it’s critical performance is lesser than either of the PS4 titles available in September. However it’s not a bad title by any means, being awarded as IGNs ‘best quick fix’ in their Playstation 3 awards in 2010, as well as a nominee for best competitive multiplayer. Then of course there’s Playstation All Stars, which has earned itself a similar metacritic to Hoard of 74. However the title isn’t bad by any means, and proves to be of particular fun in local multiplayer.

Finally we have the Vita titles for the month in Joe Danger and TxK, two outright fantastic games. Joe Danger was previously available on the Playstation 3 and received high critical acclaim – 86 on metacritic – and proves to be one of the most enjoyable pick-up and play arcade experiences on the Playstation 3. TxK is has a slightly lower critical reception with 84, but is an incredibly solid title, and provides its consumers the best experience of a re-imagined Tempest that they could ever hope for.


If we take the critical reception of these 6 titles and average it out it equates to 80.6. It should be noted this is higher than the previous month of Playstation plus which featured Fez, Crysis 3, Dragons Crown, Metrico and The Road Not Taken. Although this average was calculated with Joe Danger on PS3 and Velocity Ultra rather than Velocity 2X, it’s unlikely to sway in the opposing direction, at best possibly making the aggregate scores near equal across the two months of Plus.

Anyone an keen eye for high quality video games can see that this month isn’t a bad month on Plus at all, in fact far from it. However what it is is a month of different video game experiences, this month is very much focused on titles developed by independent studios, or those featuring local multiplayer. So indeed it’s liable to miss the appeal of gamers usually frequenting the likes of Call of Duty, or Battlefield, but nevertheless it’s clear that Sony’s commitment to providing high quality content through the service hasn’t lapsed.


Author: Jozef Kulik

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  1. Jozef Kulik would you buy the ps plus games on ps4 if they weren’t for free?

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    • Hm, for the PS4 offerings I was going to buy Sportsfriends, and Velocity. On PS3 I would not have bought Hoard, but already own a copy of Playstation All Stars, on Vita I already own TxK and already have Joe Danger 1 and 2 on PS3 so I doubt I would double dip for that game.

      In terms of value, excluding games that I already own or wouldn’t have bought PS Plus is worth about £20 to me this month. I pay £40 a year for the service, so £20 in just one months offerings, to me, is very good.

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  2. Not many people remember this, but Hoard was a free PS+ title way back in +’s first year. I still have it in my download list because of that. Anyway, people are going to look at this and be dissatisfied if they have only a PS4 or only a PS3 imo. Velocity is great but that’s really it for PS4 cause Sports Friends is only great when you have a party, which most people gaming don’t do.

    For PS3 you have Hoard, a very old game and it was free before. Then PSABR, which I think a lot of PS loyalists bought and liked but is now a little bit older of a game and no one really cares for it any more. Great to try out but then that’s it.

    If you have a Vita you’re set. You basically get 2 brand new games for the platform and since PSABR is a cross-buy you can get that too and you can try out TxK if you’d like.

    Really in the end I have all 3 platforms and am happy, only because I have a VIta to be all honest though. Don’t plan to play anything on my PS3 or PS4 from +. Especially when I’m getting Destiny.

    I do wish though that they would at the least add these titles to PSNow on PS4. That way people will try out the service and enjoy their + sub on PS4 even more with more games.

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