Skylanders Trap Team Toy Guide: What to buy?

The time of year has come again and the release of Skylanders Trap Team brings about a new wave of Skylanders. Here is VGFirst’s guide on how the figure compatibility works and what you can to buy as a first time or returning customer.


Skylanders Trap Team:Xbox Trap

  • Is the fourth game in the series and the toys have Red Bases.
  • The Trap Masters, Traps and regular characters that debut in Skylanders Trap Team are only compatible with Skylanders Trap Team.
  • Trap Master characters are the only characters that can break Traptainum crystals and open the elemental gates unlocking extra portions of the game
  • Traps can be used by any Skylander but the physical traps themselves like the Skylanders have their own elemental types.
  • All characters from the previous games work with Skylanders Trap Team, and introduces the Skylanders Sidekicks as playable characters for the first time (originally they were magic items).
  • The Battle and Adventure Packs from Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure, Skylanders Giants and Skylanders Swap Force will not unlock bonus content. They only work as Magic Items.
  • Adventure packs for Skylanders Trap Team come with: One character, an adventure piece which unlocks a new level and two magic items. There are no battle packs in Skylanders Trap Team as the Player Vs Player game mode has been removed.
  • Series 4, 3 and 2  reposed Characters work with all the games.


Additional information:

  • Skylander toys work on all consoles regardless of what platform it was originally purchased for and is not locked to a specific console.
  • Every Skylander works with Skylanders Universe (which is online in browser only).
  • All the characters from the previous games work with the current games and their level will not be capped even though it was from an older generation.
  • Skylanders can be one (or two if a Swap Force Character) of eight elements: Magic, Life, Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Tech and Undead. There is also a mystery elemental type to be confirmed in the near future (most likely to be monster/dream element).
  • The Traps can be one of nine elemental types: Magic, Life, Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Tech, Undead and Kaos. Again there is also a mystery elemental type to be confirmed this year.
  • The Starter Pack comes with everything you need in order to play the game with the minimum purchase (excluding the Skylanders Giants Portal Owners Pack) but you would not be able to access all the areas due to the lack of additional elemental characters.
  • You can unlock all the Achievements/Trophies without purchasing any additional content.


For more information on Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure, Skylanders Giants and Skylanders Swap Force check out our toy guide for those games here.


Author: Abbie Willett

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