Space Dust Racers Seeks to Reinvent Couch Multiplayer

Fans of Micromachines, Mashed or more recent titles like Wrecked and Toybox Turbo’s will be familiar with this one. The games premise is simple, shared screen, couch based, chaotic, multiplayer racing. Powerups and fast paced reactionary gameplay allow a group of local players to go nuts as they each fight for first place amongst there friends. We’ve seen it before, but not quite to the degree that Space Dust Racers seeks to present us with.

The crucial distinction this time around, is instead of 4 player local multiplayer, the team at Space Dust Studios are going for 16. Yes, a whopping 16 player, local multiplayer. I’ve embeded their kickstarter video below for an explanation as to how this works, but it’s a thrilling concept for any fans of local multiplayer, especially those with larger groups of friends. Interestingly, the additional 12 controllers can take the form of a range of devices such as smart phones, physical controllers or even laptops. It’s all focused on making it accessible to get 16 players into the game, and it seems like an absolute blast once you get there.


Of course that’s not all the games good for. Space Dust Racing looks incredibly polished and enjoyable, especially for an early preview of a kickstarter project. While many kickstarters are thin on details, xxxxx have provided an extensive gameplay demonstration showcasing their intentions. The game looks remarkably polished for its early stage, already offering a colourful array of characters and tracks.

Powerups come into play in various forms and that helps spice things up and collection of modifiers can also be enabled in order to change the experience. The shield option allows players to shift the balance between aggressive and defensive play for instance, enabling players to discard their powerups to defend themselves, while the ice skating option causes everyone to lose some traction making for some chaotically slippy gameplay.

At the moment Space Dust Racers is quite a way from its goal however, but there’s still plenty of time to support the title with a pledge on there kickstarter page. We hope this one gets funded as there are never enough good local multiplayer titles, and even less that look to innovate within this space.

Author: Jozef Kulik

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