The Best way to get Legendaries and Exotics in Destiny

It doesn’t come as much of a surprise, and I’m sure most are aware already, but Bungie have nerfed the ‘loot cave’. No longer can players stand idly shooting at a black abyss only to be rewarded with exotic and legendary items. Naturally this has lead to some criticism, but I think with fair consideration it’s easy to see why Bungie wouldn’t want the game to devolve into this mindless grind-fest and that leads to the bottom line; If you’re playing only to level up to 30, then you’re not likely to have a good time.

After all, the journey is just as important as the destination, and with this in mind the best way to get Legendary and Exotic weapons is whichever you find to be the most enjoyable. While Destiny is an arguably flawed experience, Bungie have built the game with the clear intent of letting players play, in whatever mode they want and still be rewarded. Whether you’re in the crucible, running high level strikes, or helping your low level friend pass some of the games first missions, you’re granted roughly the same chance of dropping those sought after yellows and purples.

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Other journalists have argued against Bungie’s decision to remove the loot, reinforcing their argument by claiming that alternative activities to are boring, and repetitive. If these are your feelings then perhaps you need to ask yourself why you are playing Destiny at all. If you’re grinding for loot to gear up to level 30, what are you going to do once you hit that cap? Once you’re 30 all you have left to do are Raids, and Crucible content that you had previously labelled as boring or repetitive. If you’re enjoying Destiny so little that you would rather shoot at a wall than play the game, then perhaps that’s a sign that this isn’t the game for you.

That’s not to push anyone away from Destiny. I personally think it’s a solid experience, but I didn’t go into it with quite as high expectations as many others. Despite this I do understand that for many it’s hard to let go. Many consumers went into the experience anticipating the next Halo, and I feel as if a good portion of these players haven’t let go of the idea that their dream game might be hidden in Destiny somewhere,  that if they just keep playing, keep grinding, the experience will get better. Unfortunately that’s unlikely to be the case, and if you don’t like Destiny for what it is now, that’s unlikely to change any time soon. As an evolving title it may be worth coming back to it later – just in case it becomes everything you ever dreamed of – but as it stands grinding through what you find tedious only to complain about the games systems doesn’t convince me that you’re having an awful lot of fun with the title.

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Of course that isn’t everyone, and I hope for those that can understand the merit of simply playing the game to have fun, they will continue to do so as Destiny expands and grows with its community. I think one of the reasons I haven’t been disappointed in Destiny is that I haven’t asked too much of it, I haven’t rushed to level 30, I haven’t been online every day, and subsequently I’m much less liable to find myself bored and indeed when I do come online to be greated with new strikes, or bounties it comes as a pleasant surprise rather than an additional tedious mission to complain about.

With all of this in mind, I’ll leave you with these two essential tips to aid you in your search for Legendaries and Exotics in Destiny’s multiplayer

  • Loot drops are relatively evenly distributed throughout the games modes, so play the game as you enjoy it. Do so with your fingers crossed if you will, but don’t forget to have a good time.
  • Don’t scour the internet for other peoples guides telling you how you should play your game. The next time someone suggests you should shoot at terrain for several hours strait, remind them just how much fun that sounds.


Author: Jozef Kulik

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  1. Too easy to get exotics now. My fire team had 4 Titans all with the same exotic chest piece. When 4 people are wearing it, it’s no longer “exotic”, it’s just common.

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    • As AJ said it’s true. It’s actually more rare the Legendaries you get from the vault of Glass vs the Exotics themselves. VOG is many times better than the exotics not for a 1:1 point value but many of them Can reach the 300 damage with many various perks as opposed to the Exotics being 1 variant. Also you can equip as many as you like on your Character unlike exotics.

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