The Best Way to Get Strange Coins in Destiny’s The Taken King

Strange coins have been granted even greater significance in Destiny 2.0 and The Taken King, as alongside an array of exotic weapons, engrams or armour pieces, Xur – the games weekly exotic merchant – also sells an important item named the three of coins, which provides you with a chance for exotic drops when killing Ultra tier enemies in the game. So a lot of players are wondering, what’s the quickest or best way to earn these strange coins?

Of course, Bungie haven’t made things simple and the old manner of running the nightfall and weekly heroic strikes three times per week, is no longer a good means of earning strange coins. Instead, Strange Coins are distributed intermittently through various activities:

  • Bounties: Completing these yields occasional strange coins
  • Crucible: Crucible matches can drop anywhere between zero and three strange coins
  • Strikes: These too can drop anywhere between zero and three strange coins at their conclusion
  • Reputation bonuses: These grant five strange coins and five motes of light, each time you gain a reputation level with any faction
  • Chests: Sometimes strange coins can drop from chests, though it’s quite rare
  • Chests in the Prison of Elders

So these are the various methods, but which is fastest? Well, almost all of them need to be used to earn strange coins effectively. The best means of earning coins is by leveling up your faction rep, as this guarantees five per time, but the best way of doing this is by completing bounties, strikes and crucible matches.

So the best way to earn strange coins, is by logging in daily to complete vanguard and or crucible bounties, this then feeds into vanguard or crucible reputation, as well as the faction reputation for your respective faction alignment. Additionally, you should complete the gunsmith bounties on a weekly basis so as to earn an extra 5 for leveling up this faction. Miscellaneous quests can also be worthwhile, if they provide faction rewards for Crota’s Bane, House of Judgement or Queens Wrath.

One alternative route is to farm the Prison of Elders. The two chests at the end of the Prison of Elders provide something between zero and four strange coins. With receiving three of four of these being quite common, so this can be a good way to rack up coins, if that’s all you want. I generally don’t find this to be worthwhile though, as Prison of Elders content is especially boring and lacks the flexibility of Strikes and bounties.

Depending on how far you want to take these strange coin earning strategies, you can earn 100+ coins per week by completing the bounties on every character, every day of the week. For more lighthearted players, hopping on and completing just the vanguard bounties alongside a few strikes each day you are free to do so will usually net you 20-30 coins per week. Enough to buy just about anything when Xur comes around on Friday.

Author: Jozef Kulik

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