The Definitive Price Guide for Skylanders Trap Team

Skylanders as a series is incredibly addicting and the push to buy additional content to enhance your game experience has never been more prominent, tempting you to buy more especially when presented with locked bonus areas and new characters to play. But just how much does it cost to full explore the game? Capture every enemy? And collect all the figures? Here are a rundown of the numbers below.

This is the minimum and maximum spend for Skylanders but if you want to expand your content and collection you have to start spending quite a lot more. I will be discussing what you would need to buy from the perspective of a customer that has purchased the default starter pack as that is what most owners will have, I will also not be taking into consideration triple packs and will be talking about the price of figures individually at the maximum price nor will I take into consideration reskined or exclusive variants of characters.


The Starter Packs:

The default starter pack contains: The Skylanders Trap Team Game, Traptainum Portal, Water Trap Master Snap Shot, regular life Skylander Food Fight and two traps of different elements; water and life. The regular starter pack is £52.99.

The Dark edition starter pack contains: The Skylanders Trap Team Game, Traptainum Portal, Water Trap Master Dark Snap Shot, Dark Fire Trap Master Dark Wildfire, Dark Life Skylander Food Fight, and three traps of different elements; water, life and timed exclusive trap Kaos. This pack is exclusive to UK retailer Game and US retailer Toys R Us and is £72.99 or equivalent.

Elemental Gates and Trap Masters:

For the first time in the series of Skylanders elemental gates cannot be unlocked with just any character of the element type specified on the door. Now you need a Trap Master of the correct element. This means despite you having all the other elements as regular Skylanders you have to now buy at least seven additional Trap Masters of different elements in order to open the elemental gates. There are two Trap Masters of each element and eight elements, these characters retail at £14.99 each and the minimum amount you would need to access all the elemental gates would be seven (as you get Snap Shot with the starter set) making it a total of £104.99. If you want to collect all sixteen of the Trap Masters you will run up a bill of £224.85.


The main gimmick of this iteration of Skylanders is the ability to capture villains in traps at a cost of course. Luckily these traps are at a much lower price than the regular Skylanders at only £5.99 a trap. Excluding the two traps you get bundled with the game the total cost to have at least one of each of the six remaining elemental types plus the Kaos trap would be £41.93. However the cost to collect all thirty-two variants would be £179.70. But owning every variant of every trap is only likely to appeal for the most dedicated of collectors as functionally you only need the eight elements plus the Kaos trap.

Adventure Packs:

Skylanders also features a collectible adventure set allowing you to expand your gameplay in the forms of new levels, magical items to aid you and comes with a new Skylander figure. In Skylanders Trap Team there are going to be four adventure packs at £24.99 each making it a total of £99.96 in order to play all the levels featured in the game.

New Skylanders:

As well as the brand new Trap master Characters they have also produced a new wave of regular Skylanders prices at £9.99 each. They are not like the Trap Masters as they cannot break Traptainum Crystals or open elemental gates, but they provide fun gameplay and add a lot of variety to the wacky range of characters. So if you wanted to collect all sixteen new Skylanders, taking away the four characters included in the Adventure Packs and the one included in the starter set you are are going to run a total of  £109.89.

Returning Skylanders:

Starting from Skylanders Giants, they have also been releasing a small wave of re posed and reprinted Skylanders which feature additional powers and a cool new toy. There are going to be eight reprinted Skylanders (one for each elemental type) which would cost £72.92.


Sidekick characters have been upgraded and enhanced for the newest Skylander game allowing you to finally play as the special baby variants of popular characters. These characters work identically to their older counterparts but are much smaller and have much squeakier voice work. You can get these character variants two in a pack for £14.99 and for all eight packs it would cost £119.92.




Total Cost:

If you just want to beat the game, the default starter pack will get you there at £52.99 however it’s when you want to go further that things start getting expensive; a minimum spend enabling you can access all the games content (The Starter Pack, Elemental Gates, Traps and Additional Levels) you will have a total spend of £299.87
But for collectors that want them all: The Starter Kit, all the Trap Masters, all the traps, the Adventure Packs, new and returning Skylanders plus their Sidekick variants and  you are looking into a total price of  £860.23.

That is a lot of Skylanders and isn’t even including the new mystery elemental types into the cost! So a word of warning to parents, this game can get expensive over time. But everything you buy now will work with future iterations of the Skylanders franchise so in a way it’s sort of an investment as if forward compatibility holds true, a character you purchase now can be enjoyed by your child for many iterations of the series to come, so there’s plenty opportunity to get a lot of playtime out of a single £9.99 character.

For more information on character to game compatibility be sure to check out our other articles on Skylanders Trap Team and the other Skylanders games on the links here.


Author: Abbie Willett

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  1. Sorry for pointing this out, but you made some calculation errors.
    Traps: You forgot to mention the Kaos trap. Which would make the cost for all traps £185.69 (31×5.99). (The minimum spend for six extra elemental traps plus the Kaos trap is correct at £41.93 (7×5.99)).
    New Core Skylanders: You get one of these in the starter pack. So when you take away that one and the four from the adventure packs, to collect them all you only have to spend £109.89 (11×9.99).
    Reposed Skylanders: As far as I am aware, there are only 5 reposes (not including Eon’s Elite which are more expensive). So for the five reposes it would cost £49.95 (5×9.99).

    The cost to unlock all the games content will be the same. But the cost of the complete collection is £843.25. Not accounting for the mystery elements.
    Sorry again for being pedantic.

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    • Hi Anna,

      Thanks for the comment and don’t worry about being ‘pedantic’, you’re right about the new Skylanders so we will amend that into the calculation in a moment. However in regards to traps and the ‘cost for all traps’ at £185.69, while this is the cost for collecting each aesthetic variant, it doesn’t provide any functional difference to own these, so that really gets into purely collecting territory unlike owning something like owning all of the Skylanders themselves. However, we will add a note about that anyway because it’s a good point for those that want all of the designs.

      Could you by chance explain what you incorporated into that £843.25 total? it’s lower than ours, but we did include sidekicks, characters, starter pack, etc, did you also include the cost of all the trap variants too? I’m not sure how we drew different conclusions.

      Thanks 🙂

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      • HI Josef,
        No problem. I can explain my final calculation.The following are included in this value:
        Starter pack (£52.99)
        15 trap masters (£224.85)
        31 traps (£185.69)
        4 adventure packs (£99.96)
        11 core skylanders (£109.89)
        5 reposed skylanders (£49.95)
        8 packs of sidekicks (£119.92)
        Bringing the grand total to £843.25.
        The main difference between mine and yours is that you’re still including 8 reposed sklanders. I’m including 5. Also, you’ve included a typo as 8 skylanders at £9.99 would be £79.95 rather than £72.95. I’m also including an extra trap at 5.99 as I’m presuming when you say 32 variants that doesn’t include the Kaos trap (if it does feel free to remove this extra £5.99).
        Hope that helped.

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