Top 10 Mario Party Minigames

In Mario Party’s growing collection of 648 Minigames, you are bound to find to certain games are more appealing than others, including ones so special you will play specific versions of Mario Party just for the chance of playing them. Here are VGFirst’s top 10 favorite Mario Party Minigames. Games of which make us smile with glee or malice depending on the situation.

10) Coney Island Mario Party 5)


First up on our list is the crazy ice cream collecting game Coney Island.  The objective here is to run around and collect oversized scoops of ice cream onto your cone to make a stack of ice cream as hilariously tall as possible. The sprinkles that take the cake is barging your friends and rivals aside in order to steal the ice cream they have been patiently waiting for to drop from the heavens.

9) Crazy Cutter (Mario Party 1, Mario Party 2)


Crazy Cutter is the original entry to the ‘trace the line’ series of Mario Party minigames (featuring in future iterations such as Trace Race from Mario Party 4) where players have to carefully cut along the outline of the shape. The more accurate you are, the more points you get, this can cause problems with a group of excitable friends trying to throw one another off  making you accidentally create a disgusting jarring line that ruins an otherwise perfect curve.

8) Eatsa Pizza (Mario Party 3)


Who likes eating pizza? Not to mention, who doesn’t like eating pizza really, really fast? Well that’s the aim of this game. Utilizing the power of teamwork to shovel as much pizza into your face as possible and who doesn’t love that.

7) Avalanche! (Mario Party 4)


Simplicity is more often than not the key to being an enjoyable minigame in Mario Party and Avalanche! is no exception. The simple nature of this game keeps the gameplay frantic and fun as you race down the hill constantly being pursued by the avalanche, all the while having to avoid rocks and other pesky competitors on the slope. Simple is fun, and because of this the stakes are high and one wrong move can turn you into a hilarious giant round snowball. A top game in multiplayer with friends.

6) Bobsled Run (Mario Party 1, Mario Party 2)


Continuing the racing minigame trend we reach the awesomely fun racing game, Bobsled Run. The game requires both players to push and control the sled as you zoom down the icy slopes at breakneck speed. Playing chicken down the mountain is made even more enjoyable when trying to overtake your opponent knowing if you fall off you’ve lost the race, so being brave and trusting in your partner to risk as much as you is the key to a speedy decent especially in the slippery corners towards the end of the track which require nerves of steel and a close shave.

5) Mushroom Mix-Up/Hexagon Heat (Mario Party 1, Mario Party 2)


Hexagon Heat is a simple concept but with the right tactics you can easily ruin someones day. This game was so good in the original Mario Party it was redesigned to have a bit more fire power in the second iteration. Toad holds out a flag, the colour on the flag co-ordinates to the singular safe platform that allows you to avoid a toasty defeat. This game does encourage you to be extra sneaky when trying to dismiss your fellow competitors by ground pounding them so they can’t move or you can try moving around the platform so that they constantly jump on your head and can’t get good footing on the platform. Best of all is staring at your friends who are frantically trying to jump up onto your platform while you stand there and laugh as they are about to endure their fate involving lava and a really fiery butt.

4) Bash N’ Crash (Mario Party 1)


A lot of the community hate this game, but we love it. So one of your sorry friends lands on a Bowser space, and gets punished in a game worse than death; it’s even worse having your stars stolen from you. Bowser decides that you have to wear the Bowser suit of shame for the longest thirty seconds of your life, as your goal is to helplessly run away while your ‘friends’ are trying to beat the living daylights (and er, coins) out of you, they will love every second of it. Does pleasure for three morally justify the sorrows of another? We don’t know, but what we do know is bashing gold out of your mate as he squirms around, desperate to escape your hammer blows is a hell of a lot of fun.

 3) Day at the Races (Mario Party 2)


This game is so beautiful in simplicity that it amasses a great deal of charm from that alone. You select a racer, doesn’t matter who, they all have a 1 in 4 chance to win. You put the controller down and wait and as the announcer promptly yells ‘Start!’ and suddenly you’ll find yourself trying to out-cheer your opponents for a chance of victory. It makes no difference how loud you scream of course, or whether you scream at all, but I’m sure it makes boo feel better after a last-place defeat if he at least had someone there to cheer him on.

 2) Bowser’s Big/Bigger Blast (Mario Party 2, Mario Party 4)


If this game is an option, regardless of what other games are selectable I always have to choose this one. This game has no shame in featuring blind luck allowing the player to select a plunger and hope it’s not a loser. No other game comes close to capturing a similar level of tension as the giant exploding Bowser head which determines your fate. The relief as smoke blows out of his nostrils is equally or the gutting feeling as you see his eyes click to the number three and he slowly counts down to your immediate demise. This game is amazingly tense, and perhaps one of the most enjoyable Mario Party experiences ever, particularly when 200 coins are on the line.

1) Dungeon Duos (Mario Party 4)


This minigame is the single greatest co-op experience you can have in a Mario Party game. You have to put immense trust into your partner where skill and  team communication become pivotal to your success. Everything you have learnt about Minigames is going to be tested here in full force combining mashing, platforming, communication with rhythm and luck-based elements and by mastering all five of these skills you stand a chance at victory. It is the ultimate team challenge for there is no chance of victory without the co-operation of the two players and best of all, it is a blast to play.

So here were VGFirst’s top 10 minigames. Are you surprised that your favourite wasn’t on the list? Let us know in the comments below.

Author: Abbie Willett

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  1. Bowser Big Blast????? that game is sucks….

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    • I guess it depends on your fondness for RNG, really 🙂

      Sometimes an element of unfair RNG is what makes Mario Party sessions so hilarious.

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  2. i like many of the minigames you put on the list, but i hate bowser’s bigger blast because it’s luck based and i hate being the guy with the bowser suit in bash n cash.

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