10 Skylanders that you need to buy

When choosing Skylanders for the first time, it can be very difficult to pick due to the vast number of characters currently available as this list continues to grow. Here are 10 of my favourite characters, I’ve compiled this list based on the Skylanders I think both great designs, and provide the most fun with their unique abilities and playstyles.



Prism Break: Earth Element

This little rock gollum, with a little preparation can taking out an entire wave of enemies. Prism Break can summon crystals from the sky allowing him to refract the light of his laser beam into it allowing him to hit multiple enemies at a time. With the right upgrades Prism Break can be an unstoppable machine, and if an enemy gets a little too close he can send a shock wave of crystals all around him to perfectly shield any blow.

Prism Break works with all versions of Skylanders.



Drobot: Tech Element

Half dragon, half robot, this dragon can hold his own using high speed jets and powerful lasers. He can also fire gears that bounce off walls which is perfect to destroy your friends in player vs player battle mode. And of course the dragons flight ability means he can get across the battlefield with ease, making for some fantastic speedy gameplay.

Drobot works with all versions of Skylanders.



Roller Brawl: Undead Element

Roller Brawl is a fantastic female character that has a focus on speed. She can speed up and slow down with ease giving her a great top speed when dashing through the levels. This also allows her to jump into hand-to-hand combat and retreat with a hit and run strategy that works surprisingly well, an especially good character if your looking to complete all of the games time trials.

Roller Brawl works with Skylanders Swap Force only.



Zoo Lou: Life Element

Zoo Lou may be slow and weak looking at first but he is a ton of fun to play. Zoo Lou uses his magic staff to summon animals that will assist you in combat. From summoning a huge boar to ride on to summon a pack of wolves to fight by your side, there are plenty of variety of tricks up his sleeve!

Zoo Lou works with Skylanders Swap Force only.



Voodood: Magic Element

Voodood may not look pretty but he has a fantastic weapon that is full of surprises. His axe works to place electric traps to protect yourself of you can simply bludgeon your opponent with huge whack. Most interesting of all is Voodood is the only character to feature a grapple allowing him to latch onto an enemy and fly straight towards it. Not just that but he can grapple onto the environment allowing him (with a bit of practice) to quickly maneuver himself in tight spaces.

Voodood works with all versions of Skylanders.



Terrafin: Earth Element

Terrafin is a a versatile Skylander that combines high speed with power. Whist he can pummel enemies with his giant fists his trademark move is to burrow under the ground and breeze around, as easily as a shark would normally do in water, even firing baby sharks while he is roaming around. Best of all he cheekily sings his own version of the Jaws theme while underground, it never gets old.

Terrafin works with all versions of Skylanders.



Stealth Elf: Life Element

Stealth Elf’s catchphrase “Silent but deadly” isn’t more appropriate for the way she plays. She can turn invisible at will while placing decoys to trick enemies she can pounce out for a surprise attack and deal massive damage. This combined with her combo attacks make her a steely opponent. Her ninja spin ability while not able to deal damage is fantastic for getting around the map, making her one of the best characters to use for the level speed runs allowing her to run and sneak past enemies. If that isn’t enough her soul gem allows her to regenerate health every 3 seconds, whilst a tad overpowered it can get extremely annoying having the same sound effect trigger even if Stealth Elf is at full health.

Stealth Elf works with all versions of Skylanders.




Gill Grunt: Water Element

Gill Grunt may have been the first Skylander you ever played as along with Spyro and Trigger Happy but Gill’s projectiles are very much unique to him. Combining his water jetpack with his water jet and the unlimited water upgrade, sidestep around enemies whilst mowing them down with huge torrents of water always remains satisfying. Gill is a perfect beginner character.

Gill Grunt works with all versions of Skylanders.



Free Ranger: Wind Element

Even though Free Ranger can have swapable tops and bottoms but you won’t need to. Free Ranger can use his legs to create a vortex that circles around him allowing him to sweep up enemies into an unstoppable tornado! Not to mention that he can take out the swept up enemies with the lightning that he can fire from his eyes, and dice them up with ease to slice and fry his opponents.

Free Ranger works with Skylanders Swap Force only.



Flameslinger: Fire Element

Finally the fire Skylander Flameslinger, his agile body allows him to run and shoot  his fiery arrows with ease. But the coolest ability of all is his Flame Wall allowing him to run while leaving a fiery trail that damages enemies. If you run around an enemy and draw a full circle he will create a gigantic pillar of fire erupting from the earth, causing massive damage in the process, and naturally feeling extremely satisfying when you pull it off correctly.

Flameslinger works with all versions of Skylanders.

Unfortunately that’s the end of our list, of course there are plenty other great Skylanders, many of which didn’t quite make the list. If you feel we missed someone off, let us know who and why you like playing as them in the comments below. And if you want to learn more about the compatibility of Skylanders between games click here to find out more.

Author: Abbie Willett

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