Top 5 of the 50 Must See Things in the latest Smash Bros Wii U Nintendo Direct

The latest Nintendo Direct delivered all types of content for the highly anticipated Wii U version of Super Smash Brothers, the stream oozed with new content with a plethora of different game modes, stages. Here is VGFirst’s most anticipated confirmations featured in the 50 Must See Things Nintendo Direct.

1. Multiplayer Classic, All Star, Home Run Contest and Multiman Melee game modes

Personally, I have always wanted to play through Smash Bros with a friend to unlock everything and now you can play with a single friend, plus it speeds up the unlocking process of the character trophies allowing both players to feel like they have contributed to further completing the game. Additionally a pleasant announcement confirming that Home Run Contest and Multiman Melee are also available to play competitively with up to eight friends was a fantastic surprise. Allowing multiplayer functionality with these game modes brings about a whole lot more depth and replayability to these otherwise forgotten game modes.

2. A Fully fleshed out Stage Builder

Super Smash Brothers Brawl featured a rather basic, grid based stage builder and while this was functional, it only allowed for minimal creativity. The worst part of the old stage builder was the size limits as it restricted the creation of more elaborate complex stages, but now using the Wii U gamepad you can literally draw a stage and are free from these grid based  restrictions. This allows for users to play around with a wide range of objects and terrain allowing you to shape your stage however they like and with the addition of sharing online we could see some fantastic new stages emerge from the Smash community.




3. Big and Small Games: 8 Player Big Stages and 1 on 1 Final Destination Mode

With Final Destination Mode confirmed for players that enjoy their one on one battles, we also have big stages catering for up to a whopping eight players! Big stages while not every stage like Final Destination Mode include stages such as Battlefield, Mario Galaxy and Windy Hill from Sonic Lost World. Nobody will ever have to sit in the corner and watch again while playing crazy eight player battles.

4. Smash Tour Mode

The 3DS got the exclusive and extremely hectic Smash Run mode and what did the Wii U version get? Super Smash Bros crossed with Mario Party and Kirby Air Ride, sounds chaotic right? That is probably because it is. Play as your Mii as you move around a board collecting powerups and characters to increase your chances of winning while challenging players to battles to steal their characters and powerups from them. This game mode has a lot of portentual for great local multiplayer fun and we think is a game mode to watch out for in the near future.


5. Mewtwo

Yes he is a long way off (Spring 2015), we have no gameplay footage of him whatsoever, and yes, cheekily you do need to own both versions of Super Smash Brothers in order to unlock him. But Mewtwo is officially back as a ‘free’ downloadable character. Who isn’t happy about that? Don’t want the 3DS version for just one character? Don’t fret. The likelihood is after a couple of months he will eventually become content you will be able to purchase off of the Nintendo E-Shop. This also opens doors for future downloadable characters, will we see the return of Wolf, Pichu or a new character? Only time will tell, but it’s definitely worth getting excited about.


Author: Abbie Willett

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