Top Five: Current Generation Multiplayer Shooters

Consumers are often looking for a competitive playground to sink their teeth into, and shooters are generally the most popular of these competitive games. This article takes a quick look at what we think are the top five competitive multiplayer games available on current-generation consoles and provides a quick evaluation of each on the basis of their quality, depth and unique qualities.

5. Killzone Shadowfall


Despite a relatively mixed critical reception there’s one thing that Killzone Shadowfall does especially well: its competitive multiplayer. Featuring a wide variety of classes and a bounty of versatile, well-designed maps suitable for all manner of play-styles, Shadowfall crafts a visceral and engaging competitive multiplayer environment. One of the games largest merits is its flexible Warzone system, which has players engaging in dynamic objectives keeping the battlefield both interesting and continually flowing as players are forced to move towards different areas of the map, and employ different strategies depending on the particular objective at hand. The game is very team orientated too, with similar class divisions to games like Team Fortress, where each class serves a different role and players can synergise these classes and abilities to produce effective strategy.

4. Titanfall


Titanfall brings something new to the table in its blend of small, and large scale combat as players switch between playing in large mechanised suits (Titans) and as infantry on the ground. Combat between these forces pleasantly intersects with Titan on Titan warfare occurring as a elegant, destructive dance, and infantry on Titan a cautious battle of attrition. These, when combined with the games use of artificial intelligence creates a terribly dynamic multiplayer battlefield where each encounter is likely to offer something new. This experience is all facilitated by terribly smooth controls and refined netcode to craft one of the very best competitive environments on current generation consoles.

Author: Jozef Kulik

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