Wakfu Coming to Steam on September 18th

The charming, hand-drawn MMO Wakfu is set to close its beta phase on September 16th, and launch onto Steam on September 18th. Steam users can look forward to a beautifully crafted strategy role-play experience. For those interested in taking part in the games current, closed beta, the games developers are currently giving away beta-keys to select users. Players with a code will be able to enjoy the experience from now until the 16th, and also be granted a special Valve inspired item to thank them for participation in the beta.

Speaking from my own experience, I’ve always had a great time with the software produced by Ankama games , Wakfu, Dofus and Krosmaster all offer a very unique sense of charm, and the artstyle offers something fresh in a relatively generic and saturated MMO market. Gameplay wise Wakfu features tactical combat that appears to take inspiration from the likes of Disgaea, so will definitely please those looking for something a little slower paced, but perhaps more intelligent than your average hack and slash experience.



Author: Jozef Kulik

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